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We all travel for something. Love. Fun. Adventure. Sports. Whatever your reason, Journey & Play is here to help with the latest in travel tips, how to be a traveling fan, destination information and more. Our goal is to make travel an experience that will change your life. So dive in and find ways to prepare for your trip, book an upcoming adventure and get inspired to go experience the world around you. Click below to start exploring. 

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Learn some tips on the perfect way to capture your travel memories, from picking the right gear to getting the perfect angle. 

A Year of Football

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Finding Culture In Fandom

Football fan culture has fascinated me for a long time. Some of my favorite sporting memories have been watching matches at pubs with supporters from all over the world, listening to them trash talk other teams and moan when their preferred striker misses a sitter. There's a passion involved that I love, even if it's not for the team I support.

So this year I've picked ten teams across ten leagues to follow, investigate and find out what makes them special. Click below to follow along and learn more. 

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Journey & Play is for the traveling fan of sports, music, movies and more. Find practical ways to get close to what you love and capture memories. 

Founded by Houston creative  Kevin R. Thompson, J&P helps bring all his worlds together to help you travel. Husband. Musician. Writer. Photographer. Filmmaker. Traveler. Marketer. Dog Owner/Father. Hat Wearer. Fan. In no particular order.

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