Can You See All the Art In London In One Day?

London is a beautiful city. It's galleries and museums hold countless treasures from the ancient and modern world. But what happens when you try to see all the art in London in one single day? Well, Alex Gorush tried to find out.

In a clever bit of marketing for the National Art Pass, Gorush rushed to visit all the art in London in a single 24 hour period. From the Tate Modern to my personal favorite, the Victoria & Albert Museum, we get a look inside some of the worlds greatest displays of art, just very quickly. Although my favorite piece of art, Kandinsky's "Red-Yellow-Blue", 1925, is housed in Paris' Musée National d’Art Moderne, Centre Georges Pompidou, my favorite glass sculpture is in London's  V&A. The rotunda chandelier by Dale Chihuly is absolutely breathtaking and a must see if you're in London. With something for everyone, London really is an art lovers destination.

A Wing A Day

In 2007 I spent a month in London as part of my first extended stay outside the US. I had made some friends in the city but they all worked during the day so I made a new plan. Each morning I took a new wing of a museum or gallery and thoroughly went through it. From historical treasures in the British Museum to troves of silhouettes in the National Portrait Gallery, I experienced a crash course in art history. It was the opposite of what Gorush did in the video above and it was absolutely amazing.

It seems like so long ago now but I can still feel the creative rush I had when browsing through Soviet propaganda posters at the Tate Modern. The bold lettering, imposing faces and harsh colors still take me back to that day. I also found my personal favorite bathroom on what I think was floor 4. Seriously, check it out.

Art For Inspiration

Whether you see it fast or slow, there's not many things better for a creative kick in the ass than seeing masterworks of art. There's a great run of museums and galleries in Houston that I don't visit often enough, even though most of them are free at least one day a week. So take the time to see the art that's around you. London and Paris are wonderful but if you don't appreciate the art in your own area, you probably won't appreciate it anywhere else.