A Sony A7S II in Bangladesh

The more I see of Sony's A7 series, the more I wish I'd started shooting mirrorless. The depth of color that the Sony A7S II gets in these shots from the northern section of Bangladesh is absolutely beautiful. The compact body makes it ideal for travel filming and the internal 4K and S-Log picture profile give you full control over your final product. This short piece was filmed by Vitùc using Sony's 16-35mm f4 and 35 mm f2.8 lenses resulting in some beautiful wide shots among the Bangladeshi people.

Seeing Everyday Life

One of the things that drew me to this film was not just the technical aspects, but it's focus on everyday life. Vitúc places himself in the normal lives of the Bangladeshi people as he treks across the small country located to the east of India. This focus on the average really informs the normal, mundane lives of the people. You see them traveling on trains, getting ready for the day and even in school. Sometimes the normal is more fascinating because it's rarely ever shown. We become transfixed with the weird or fleeting when the normal is just as beautiful.

Sony A7S II

For more examples of just how beautiful footage from the Sony A7S II can be, check out this short film shot in California/Yosemite and this one from Stockholm, Sweden.