Memories of Tokyo

Some people make travel films. Others make travel documentaries that really dig into what the sensation of being in a new place feels like. Not only do you get to see the sights, you feel the mood, as if earth was crunching beneath your very own feet. Memories of Tokyo by filmmaker Miguel Santana is one of the latter. 

Produced in conjunction with Carrie from, be prepared to be immersed in Japanese culture. Carrie's simple voice-over really helps the viewer dive into the footage and experience the world. 

Shot on a Canon 5D Mk III using Magic Lantern RAW with a Canon 50mm 1.2L and a Canon 24-105mm f/4 IS, Santana manages to convey the otherworldly feel that Tokyo can give to westerners. 

I've long been fascinated by Japanese culture, the reverence of nature and ancestry and how fast everything seems to move in the city. By using natural sound to highlight the soft, subtle soundtrack, Santana creates a sensory experience that brings Japanese capital to life. 

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