A Glimpse at the Mystical

I've always been fascinated by the sacred arts of religions from around the world. From the Sufi whirling dervishes to the intricate prayers of Shintoism, the dedication and beauty is something to behold. The Asia SocietyTexas Center recently hosted Tibetan monks from the Drepung Loseling Monastery in India as they constructed a White Tara (Buddha of longevity and success) mandala sand painting. the event was part of the 2017 Mystical Arts of Tibet tour. Formed with millions of grains of colored sand, the art of mandala is intricate, painstaking and ultimately breathtaking. Accompanied by ceremonies of sacred dance and chants, the construction of the mandala took four days before being deconstructed to symbolize the impermanence of life. 

The word mandala comes from Sanskrit meaning sacred cosmogram. Although they can be performed in different media, including watercolor and woodcarving, the colored sand mandala is  widely known as the most popular form. 

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