Find the Light: Soul Places Around the World

There's something spiritual about travel, the way it opens us up to the world and possibilities. A new destination can be a new way of seeing life itself. That's why I'm excited to get my hands on a copy of Find the Light: Soul Places Around the World by Katie from The Travelling Light

I've been enjoying Katie's travel musings and photos for a while now. She specializes in finding "special, sometimes secret places to visit around the world," and the writing and accompanying photography has been a helpful source of inspiration for me. 

With this zine I hope to inspire you to travel, seek, find the light in the world and in everything. I hope when you hold this printed piece in your hands you can connect a little more with the light that’s always there
— Katie, The Travelling Light

The print run of Find the Light is only 100 copies, so get your order in fast.