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The Itinerary: Movie Fonts, European History and Banksy

It's still hot here in south Texas. I feel like I could write that sentence every week and it'd be true for a good 8-9 months out of the year. We're gearing up for a trip to see the fam and this is what we're reading/watching/laughing at to prepare. Enjoy!

This Histomap of Europe gives you a pretty detailed look at the borders and population of Europe starting from the year 400 B.C. Come for the history, stay for the ridiculously epic musical score.

National Geographic's 2018 Travel Photography Awards are out and this year's crop of winners is exceptional. Check them out here

By far the most famous street artist of the modern era, Banksy has popped back up in Paris, this time with a pretty overt political message. 

Ever wondered about the fonts on movie posters? Well, wonder no more with this video from Vox that looks at why we keep seeing the Trajan font on movie posters. (via Uncrate)

Watch the video below for a bright and quick way to go all over America from Kevin Parry. (via PetaPixel)