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A Stellar Travel Journal at a Great Price

I've carried a Bull & Stash journal with me basically everyday for the past two years and I've found no better way to store my ideas, schemes and plans. Recently the company revamped their lineup with the introduction of the Market, Leonard and Allison journals, each one representing a different size in the line. The Market Pocket Journal is my favorite for an on the go life. It fits easily into a pocket or purse and the refillable pages make it easy to keep the ideas flowing. 

A while back I was able to demo the Leonard size journal and it quickly became my go to for meetings and long form writing. I'm a creature of habit and the ability to carry the same journal with me everywhere I go, day in and day out, no matter how much I write in it, is ideal. 

The new models have introduced a much needed pocket to store spare business cards or receipts, a spot to hang your pen and a few new colors as well. The Leonard even has enough room for a small tablet to be held in it's pocket. Check them out at Huckberry right now, who's got them at a little bit of a discount.