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Watch Tokyo Unfold Through An iPhone

Being a bit of a gear head, it's hard for me to leave all my cool camera stuff at home. It's the perfectionist in me that wants to frame everything correctly and have just the right lens to capture the light perfectly. Well, the thing is, I don't always have my Nikon D750 with me. It's kinda bulky and when I walk around all day it can become a burden if filming wasn't what I intended to do. You know what's always with me? My iPhone. This short video from Wang Yao exploring Tokyo shows that you don't always need the perfect equipment to capture memories. With just an iPhone, Yao harnesses the beauty of Japan's capital city. Colors pop and streets come to life with people all in front of the little camera lens. Is it the best footage ever? No. But it gets the job done and makes a beautiful cinematic travel memory. Tokyo seems like a magical place to me, a delight to the senses. This travel video captures that and more. So next time that you're out and about, remember that any memory worth having is one worth capturing.