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Seeing Life By Train

There’s nothing quite like a journey by train. The ability to slow down and let your focus wander as you churn through the countryside is a welcome distraction from our busy lives. My last train ride was a 3-hour trip from Paris to Amsterdam. There was something therapeutic about leaning my head on the window and watching the Belgian fields fly by. I shot the above footage and thought about editing it and cleaning a bunch of it up, but in the end, the slow-moving nature of it enchanted me. For most of the trip I just stared out into the countryside. As we approached Brussels, the transition from grass to concrete was stark. How far we have come and how far we have to go. Yes, that's me leaning up against the window with my iPhone. I never said this was one of my best videos, just soothing.

Now all I can think about is this list of the 7 Best Train Trips in the World compiled by Wired, or the World's 15 Most Scenic Train Rides from Fodors Travel. Check out this trip through the Balkans as documented by Leon Visser. Just a few friends heading through Southeastern Europe on holiday, taking their time and enjoying the scenery and cities around them.

Balkans By Train