Google Flights

 Our first stop for finding cheap flights is always Google Flights. It’s a great jumping off point for finding those random fares without clicking all over the place. Make sure to take advantage of their far map, usually located at the bottom of the results page, to see if there are better deals at nearby airports.


Looking for a specific destination? Skyscanner is one of the best resources on the internet for finding and monitoring cheap fares.

Escape Houston

With an ever expanding list of cities, Escape _____ is our go-to for finding cheap, glitch, and departure specific flights. We’ve booked a ton of cheap flights through Escape!


Jetto is a smartphone based app that lets you find great airfare deals. The free version of te app gets you one deal flight deal per day or you can subscribe and receive unlimited deals and fare notifications.




We love AirBnb when traveling! It’s myriad of options can get you close to the locals and even save you some money over hotels. If you’re looking for a bit of an unorthodox accommodation, AirBnb is the way to go.

This one is pretty simple. They have the best deals on hotels and offer a ton of detail on what you’ll receive and info on the surrounding area. If you’re looking for a standard hotel experience when traveling, start with


Want an easy way to look at all the hotel deals sites? HotelsCombined has you covered. It’s a great jumping off point for finding good hotel deals.


We love staycations and last minute getaways and Hotel Tonight helps us live spontaneously while keeping the cost down. Check out their app for the simplest experience.


Travel Planning


A great all-in-one app to plan your trip and keep track of all the cool things you did during your stay. Tripify makes it easy to share your travel tips with friends.

Rick Steves Europe

If you’ve ever planned a trip to Europe, you’ve probably heard of Rick Steves. His company has provided travelers detailed info on how to travel in Europe for decades now and it’s still one of my first stops when gathering info.

Trip Advisor

Need to find a great restaurant in Prague? How about a tour company in Bangkok? Trip Advisor has you covered with almost any destination.


Yep, there’s a board for everything on Pinterest! Make sure to be specific with your search (“best bookstores in London”) to get the info you want without being overwhelmed by the amount of info you’ll get back. It’s also a great way to keep track of the places you want to visit!



B&H Photo

Based in New York City, B&H Photo is one of my favorite places to find good quality gear without getting ripped off.


We use Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom for all of our editing here at J&P and can’t recommend them more highly. It’s a must for travel photographers.


Travel Insurance

World Nomads

Don’t worry about lost documents, theft, lost luggage, emergency prescriptions, and scary things like natural disasters, or terrorism. World Nomads travel insurance keeps you covered and focused on having a great trip!