London Day & Night

I'm fascinated by the way light affects a city. The sun in the day characterizes a time of work, checking off to-do lists and general responsibility, while the night and more artificial light brings out the carefree and fun. 

It's not that the night has no light, it's just softer from natural sources and more harsh from artificial ones. The carefree attitude is like a pat on the back for human ingenuity and being able to brighten up the dark. 

In his short "London Day & Night", filmmaker Matel uses the low light capabilities of the Sony a7r ii to capture the English capital in both settings. The contrast is beautiful and telling of the way that London comes alive at night. I'm personally intrigued by this short because I just picked up an a7r ii for my trip to Seattle this weekend and can't wait to see how it performs. 

How is your city different in the day or night? Let us know where you're from in the comments below and what unique things separate the light from the dark in your part of the world.